Friday, November 27, 2015


Thanksgiving 2015

This is a special year for us, we have everyone in town. Nathan and Nicole's family moved back from Chicago so Nathan can work on a PhD at BYU. We are grateful for so many blessings: to be together with our family; our country; and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Karly's table setting

Katie ready for pie!

Grayson's Thanksgiving Feast

Here are the pies we made for this year's Thanksgiving. It reminded me of a Thanksgiving at my Grandma Murray's in Myton. It seemed that we wad a dozen of different pies. We cleaned out the garage and put up tables and chairs. And I finally got to sit at the adult table next to my Uncle Jerry.

Classic Apple Pie with leaf topping

Mariel and Kerry cutting out leaves

Pumpkin Pie with snowflakes

Mashing Raspberries through a fine strainer

Raspberry Cream Pie