Friday, June 10, 2016

Mothers Day 2016

Kerry asked for her favorite pie on Mothers Day - Sour Cream Lemon. We also had some fresh blackberries, so we made a double-crust blackberry pie. We followed the recipe for our Boysenberry Pie and used buttermilk crust for both. They turned out great.

Thank you Kerry for being a great mother to our children and grandchildren!

Blackberry Pie

Sunday, May 8, 2016

PI Day 2016

I was lucky enough to be in St. George for PI day (3.14) and visit two great pie shops. I first stopped at Veyo Pies and had a classic Apple Pie, then I went to St. George and had a slice of a great Dutch Apple.


Young Women Camp Dinner and Auction

Our young women ages 12 - 18 are going to Camp Shalom this year. Each year they hold a fundraising event with a dinner followed by an auction. The ward and neighborhood turns out to support these wonderful young women. There are many donated items, baked goods, homemade clothing, etc. One year, Dan Wells donated the right to have "your name" used as a character in one of his books. I won, and as it turns out, in his book "The Hollow City" I am a doctor in the first chapter.
Camp Shalom
Every year Kerry donates a quilt to the auction. It takes her many many hours to cut, piece, and stitch the fabric together but she loves doing it especially since it is benefiting our young women. Each quilt is beautiful and she doesn't even blink at giving it away.

I also donate a pie or two. This year I made a Sour Cream Lemon and a Raspberry Cream. The Sour Cream Lemon is a main staple but the Raspberry Cream is a new pie that we made for the first time last Thanksgiving. The auction was a success and those that bid on my pies even reported that they were edible!